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Tips on Healthy Cognitive Aging - Including Dark Chocolate and Nuts in your Diet.

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Research Mission:

Brain with NeuronsTo discover the mysteries of the normally aging brain to achieve a lifetime of cognitive health.
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The objective of the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute at the University of Arizona is to uncover the neurobiological changes in the brain that cause memory to decline as we age, and to understand what characterizes "normal" from pathological aging. The premise is that if age-related brain and behavioral changes associated with normal aging are well enough understood, then it will be possible to develop research directions that lead to practical recommendations for pharmacological and lifestyle interventions for maintenance of cognitive health throughout life. The Institute will identify and promote cross-disciplinary and collaborative research initiatives in support of its objective.

The University of Arizona Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute was established in November 2006 as a unit of the Arizona Research Laboratories (ARL). A Dedication Ceremony was held on December 11, 2006. The University of Arizona is one of only four universities in the country to host an Institute or Center supported by the McKnight Brain Research Foundation, joining the Universities of Florida, Alabama and Miami.

Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute Dedication at the University of Arizona

Photo by Mia Schnaible © 2006

At the Dedication Ceremony of the Univerity of Arizona Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute (left to right): John G. Clarkson, M.D.; J. Lee Dockery, M.D.; Institute Director Carol Barnes, Ph.D.; Nina Ellenbogan Raim, M.D., J.D.; Mr. Hank Raattama, Jr., J.D.; and Michael L. Dockery, M.D.